Trademark & Copyright Investigation

Detective Agency Gurgaon is set up to get extreme trademark and copyright investigation in Gurgaon. We are stacked with proficient detective specialists and thee have solved no. of trademark and copyright infringement cases. But do you know what copyright infringement is? Well in the event that somebody is utilizing your organization logo, brand, administrations or product in the market without taking your authorization or giving you credit then have full right to file a legal suit against the guilty organization or person. On the off chance that somebody is illicitly utilizing your company name and fetching advantage without consenting you then don’t worry come to us will solve this matter strongly and get them behind the bar or compensation from them.

We have appointed expert trademark and copyright infringement officers having profound experience and they can easily identify that company that breaking the rules of copyright Act. This is totally a legal matter which needs to be handled by a legal expert and we are having loads of legal expert who can guide you better to take next step. They will help you get out of this problem and compel guilty company to provide compensation to you. Make sure that you are using your logo and trademark regularly, but if you have not used it for a long time then it can get difficulties. Just because of no using trademark for a long time it would be penalized so it is important to maintain trademark regularly.

Detective Agency Gurgaon is all around organized trademark and copyright infringement investigation service provider in Gurgaon India. Our detective team has intense expertise in legal matters so it turns out to be simple for us to implicate guilty organization that is misusing your trademark and get benefits. We strive to interrogate with Offender Company and defeat them legally so that they cannot claim falsely on your trademark and business.